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Procurement Services

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The process and steps used to obtain supplies, materials, good and services, and contracts at best and legit price are what is known as procurement service. Not many buyers can negotiate a reasonable price for products or services.

As a result of global market conditions and the need for businesses to reduce and manage costs, the demand for expert procurement service provider has significantly increased. Many top firms in the world have already signup with procurement services providers while many are still looking for a way to tap into this service.

A procurement manager is a consultant or organization who works to supplement internal procurement department of a company. The tasks performed by expert procurement service provider includes strategic planning, supplier rationalization, supplier collaboration, implementing valuable practices, strategic negotiation and sourcing. Companies using our expert procurement service providers enjoy extensive coverage, reduce costs for goods and services, improve spending, use the latest procurement technologies, etc.

There are several reasons why your company will need to utilize a procurement service provider. It will save you a massive amount of money; since for most organization, it is very costly to set up and maintains a good procurement department. Using an expert procurement service provider will cost less and deliver better procurement services than internal procurement departments can offer.

An expert procurement service provider can provide a quick and accurate analysis of the total amount spent by an organization and implement necessary changes, provide essential supply chain management solutions, negotiates with suppliers, and make use of the best industry practices.

Procurement Process


There is a long list of procurement methods that can be used by an expert procurement service provider; these methods are greatly influenced by the complexity of your need, availability of potential suppliers, the interest of the supplier, etc. all these factors boil down to a proper procurement process. A good procurement process, which is what we offer at Pointone will provide you with lots of remarkable benefits.

The first step in the procurement process recognizes the goods or services needed by the company; the products or services are the essential materials that the company needs for proper running of a business or eventual sale. This is also the stage in which the budget is prepared.

The second stage in the procurement process is the stage of vendors selection, what our experts do in this stage is to go out in search of potential vendors that can offer the best value and quality for the goods or services needed by your company. We will select a vendor that provides not just a competitive price but high-quality products.

The next thing in this process is to create a purchase order, these days; purchase orders are mainly done via electronic transfers and POS service. After this stage has been completed, an invoice followed by the order will come in. After the order has been confirmed, the payment will then be made to the vendor. The procurement process is straightforward if an expert handles it.

Procurement Strategies

There is a broad array of procurement strategies which we use to ensure you get the best; these strategies can be used for startup and already established business to get you nothing but the best end to end procurement services.
The first strategy is the supplier optimization, what we do is to discard any supplier who is not able to offer the best prices for the goods and services needed.

There is a risk management strategy in place to ensure all the products or services offered by the suppliers do not pose a treat to the well being of humans and the proper growth of the company.

Another strategy that we put in place is the “Absolute Quality Method” this strategy helps to ensure suppliers keep on supplying only quality products. Other plans that we use include global sourcing. Green purchasing, Vendor Development, etc.

Procurement consultant

Getting the best procurement consultant is the only way you can get the best procurement services, and that is where we come in. When it comes down to procurement services, there is no better choice than PointOne international. We have several years of experience with our operations spanning across several continents; we can proudly say that we have necessary procurement logistics and supply chain management.

At PointOne international we have developed an effective strategy and plans that best suit the need of our customers and partners. Since procurement involves purchasing and supply chain management, which consists of sourcing and managing the primary flow as well more complex purchase procedures that requires a vast network of connection and contacts, we have a group of experts that make use of the right procurement processes to ensure you get the best procurement services for your company. We have valuable sourcing process managers that can handle the needs of your business. Our company combines experiences of many multilingual, highly talented and well-motivated workers with a successful business strategy- traits which have made us to propel ourselves to be among the leading end to end procurement service provider in the world.

Our experiences range from the big open markets of the united states to smaller ones, more regionally focused; like Taiwan or Lithuania along with many others.

By working with PointOne international, you can be guaranteed your supply chain management is in a safe hand. Our company would be more than pleased to do business with you.
Our services are conducted in the following countries:

Get in touch with us today, let’s discuss the possible opportunities and how we can offer our experience in logistics and global purchasing to benefit the betterment, expansion, and improvement of your operations. Operating on a worldwide scale, PointOne international is always using the best and latest technologies to ensure we offer the best global purchasing solutions to for startup and old firms so, and you will feel exclusive and valued when working with us.

Contact us today, and you will be glad you do.

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