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Taking a third party logistics a step further


Our 3PL+ division takes a third-party logistics a step further by managing resources, technology, and infrastructure to design, build and implement a tailored supply chain solutions for our customers.

Consolidation services

A freight forwarder offers the service of combining freight, which often entails receiving multiple smaller shipments and grouping them together so they may be constructed and delivered at the same time. Consolidation services are used by shippers to reduce their shipping costs. Consolidating freight often entails combining several less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments into a single truckload cargo.

What we do and our prodcess

We take your and other multiple different shipments in Lithuania, Kaunas or KlaipÄ—da from neighbouring cities and countries
We then ship your shipment to our warehouse in Chicago or L.A depending on your needs
From there we can either ship them to the consumer directly, ship them to your warehouse or wait for your pick up

Advantages of Consolidation services

Lower Rates
Reduced Wait Times
Reduced Delivery Costs
Less Handling
Ecommerce platforms we are working with
People on the Ground in Locations You Need

we have team members in the United Stats, Mexico, Taiwan, China and more then 10 countries across Europe, Furthermore, we have representatives around the world and satellite offices surrounding our primary areas.

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