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At first glance market research could seem like something very easily executable and very simply implemented, but that could not be further from the truth. From the ground up, market research requires a lot of resources, non-stop dedication along with delicate and uncompromised attention to detail.

Market research works both ways

  • Manufacturers and service providers know what the customer wants and can adapt their product a lot better
  • Clients’ say and express their wishes thus getting a response from the manufacturers or providers subsequently

But what is a market research process? It is a combination of analysis, planning, strategy implementation and information management to get a more significant share of the market, attract more customers or increase brand awareness. Whatever your goal may be, Point One has the right experience and knows all methods to execute market research for:

  • business plan;
  • new services;
  • a new product;
  • techniques;
  • many other goods and services.

Although there are some similar methods of carrying out market research, it is best that depending on the market you are focused on, the process should be adapted accordingly. With many multilingual and dedicated experts working tirelessly to get the best results, Point One is the go-to spot whether you are in Europe, Asia, North America or anywhere else in the world. Our clientele is worldwide, so we can improve service quality, catch the latest trends and implement one-of-a-kind solutions for your business.

Focus groups, digital data analytics are just some of the options and methods that are in-play when we do market research. Depending on your location, market share, product or service of interest and competition – we will adapt and sort out which methods are going to work out best. You can trust us as we have tons of positive feedback and an extensive list of clients that work with us on a regular basis, just proving that we are a go-to spot for market analysis.

If further hesitation persists and you might think that all of the necessary information is online, once again you are very much mistaken. Information is useless in the wrong hands because when you are trying to execute research, you will be working with many variables and large amounts of data, so subsequently, significant human and analytical resources have to be put to use. Our market research services involve high-level experts working with your account to reach the best possible results.

We are also transparent. We will not lie if the results are not favourable, the needed changes or gaps along with errors that the clients or analytics show, are going to be listed and presented to you. Only in this way you can prevent future financial losses and get sustainable and tangible results through this step. If executed rightly, market research can be your greatest weapon to be one-step ahead of your competitors.

Outpacing the competition is often overlooked as a possible outcome of market research, even if the product is not received well, you know that ahead of your competitors, so you can adjust and create a better product for the future while the other market members struggle with the same issues you have already passed.

So, what else is there to know? You have familiarized yourself with the pros of market analytics and research. If you want to get ahead and become or remain a real leader in your area, this is a must-do. Do not underestimate the possibility to do more today. This should not slip between your fingertips as your competitors could already be one-step ahead of you.

Let’s get in touch and discuss possibilities to work together. As a trustworthy and reputable partner for your business needs, we are going to find solutions, carry out the processes and get you the opportunities that your business needs to prosper. Market research services are ready to be offered!

Challenges we help to overcome:
  • Understanding competition
  • Localization
  • Limited resources
  • Inexperience

Our process

Leave this to PointOne International – we’ll crunch the numbers, trends and opportunities and share it with you. To identify and evaluate new market opportunities, we research:

  • Export Potential
  • Competitors
  • Industry
  • Market Trends

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