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International Sales

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International Sales and Business Development Manager


The work of an international sales manager includes managing your company’s sales on a global scale; hence this task is not something any sensible company will want to delegate to novices. The role of expert international sales consultant and business manager is crucial in the maintenance of the financial gains of the company, and it is also important in the extension of business to various regions of the world.

  • Getting your business to the international level is something every business owners always want, and this is as a result of the numerous benefits that are attached to it.
  • One of the top benefits of sales is that you get to increase your number of potential customers; for startup, when you move your sales offshore, you gain access to an increased number of potential clients, and this will lead to a surge in your company’s revenue and business growth.
  • Apart from the increased revenue, another advantage of international sales is the reduction in competition, when you take your product and services to the global market, you will inevitably face less competition when compared to the local market.

At PointOne International, we recognize the numerous benefits that a ccompany international sales, and we work diligently to ensure your international sales and business are adequately managed. We have a group of highly trained sales consultants, providers and business development managers that can sell and market your products or services to your clients and also convince them about the usability and advantages that come with them. We will help you in the sales and effective marketing of your products or services, PointOne International help you to search for opportunities that enhance the sales and benefits of your group, our international expert sales and business development managers are multilingual and can explain the interests and values of your products and services to clients in their own language.


International B2b Sales

B2b sales involve one business selling products and services to another business instead of selling directly to the client (b2c), and when this is done on an international scale, it is known as international b2b sales. Numerous benefits come with international b2b sales, and PointOne International is ready to help you to harness these benefits. PointOne International will help you to grow your business. Since b2b have higher orders than b2C, we make use of the proper b2b strategies to increase our client’s revenues.

At PointOne International, we help our clients to discover the strategies and goals which will help drive sales and increase revenue. The wrong business plan often causes the problem with many b2b sales but at PointOne International, we help our clients to develop strategic business plans that work.


International Sales Solutions

Many leading companies in the world trust PointOne International for the international expansion and growth of their business. We offer practical international sales solutions that will have an immediate impact on your business. We make use of the right strategy to deliver the proper sales to our clients.

  • We perform thorough international market research which helps us to determine the country with the best prospects needed for the successful export of your products or services. We also provide our clients with adequate assistance needed in overcoming international barriers linked with business localization and language barriers.
  • PointOne International will give you adequate supports throughout all stages of the market-entry process and carry out sales.
  • We will help you to conduct market research which includes both consumer needs and market trends; we will identify all the marketing challenges and proffer adequate solutions. Our team of expert international sales solution providers identify the ideal market for business expansion and provide a full market-entry implementation.
  • Our services are suitable for startup and already established business; we provide services at a meager price.

No better company can handle your international sales outsourcing better than PointOne International. We provide international sales outsourcing across several nations of the world; we offer sales solutions in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Make a date with PointOne International today and let us set your sales and business in the right direction.

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  • Market research services
  • Localization services
  • Sales outsourcing services

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