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End to End procurement

Procurement and supply chain management

Procurement process begins with the preparation and processing of demands, all the way to the process of receiving and making payments for the goods and services. It includes a lot of steps which range from planning the purchase and settling the right standard to vendors, research and selection, analysis of value, price bargaining and financing, etc.

A procurement firm handles both indirect and direct cost. The indirect costs include those needed to produce or deliver the services you provide while the indirect costs are linked with the things you purchase to run your business, the example consists of pens, pencils, business cards, office stationery, etc.

Procurement is an essential part of a company strategy, without a proper procurement process, a company will lack the ability to purchase certain goods and services needed for the smooth running of the organization.

Procurement processes aim to find the right suppliers for the goods and services needed to manufacture your products or deliver your services to your customers. It involves searching and locating the raw materials at a reasonable price so you can continue to make a remarkable profit and endearing your customers to your company.

Procurement and supply chain management involves a wide range of activities needed to plan, control and execute a product flow, it consists of a series of steps from purchasing raw materials and production through distribution to the final consumer. In the most cost-effective way.

Utilizing the right supply chain management will create a system that cut costs, increase profits and promotes linkage between all parts of the supply chain. Companies that make use of the right supply chain strategy are well equipped to handle consumer demands, minimize cost, carry the right inventory for the needs of customers, handle any disruptions in the system effectively and ensure the smooth running of the supply chain.

Strategic Supply Chain Management


The importance of supply chain management cannot be overemphasis; this is the main reason while you need to utilize the best procurement and supply chain manager.

At PointOne International, we provide our clients with the best procurement and supply chain management strategies. We make use of a demand-driven planning model which operates on the principle of real-time demand insights and demand shaping. We make use of the right prediction and contingency planning tools to tackle all forms of risks associated with supply, the example of such risks is political instability, natural disasters affecting production, suppliers going bankrupt and so on. Companies will find it very easy to adjust price and promotions in other to shape demand, increase revenue growth and distribute additional products.

Effective supply chain management strategy is crucial for the optimization of product designs and product management for supply. For a company to be successful, products must be produced at a reasonable price, time and location. Each decision makes during the process of production must be done well. Designs must be optimized to ensures products are manufacturable for business. All production cost must be captured well and analyzed to maintain balance across the end-to-end procurement.

Supply Chain Management Services

Creating an effective and responsive supply chain is very important in recognizing and responding to customers’ demands. With the rise in global competition, companies are looking for ways to reduce manufacturing lead times, collaborate better with suppliers and increase asset usage. At PointOne International, we offer the best supply chain management solutions which will help you keep purchasing, production and distribution well regulated.

We combine the industry best practices and the newest supply chain solutions to ensure a successful end-to-end procurement. Our team of supply chain specialist will help you cut manufacturing lead times, streamline production processes, increase asset usage, and better collaboration with suppliers.

For startups supply chain processes can be complicated to handle, at PointOne International, we work diligently to simplify warehousing, transportation, and manufacturing execution. We make use of the latest technologies to evaluate and implement solutions that will add value to your business.

To ensure you get the best value from your supply chain, we make use of the best tactics for purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution. Our Expert Analyst is on the ground to ensure we make use of tactics, strategies, and plans that will improve purchasing, production, distribution and other critical areas of your business.

Procurement Provider

Before you can achieve your business, objectives and deliver maximum customer satisfaction, functions such as procurement and supply chain management need to be handled by the best hands. The need for an efficient Procurement Specialist cannot be underemphasized.

No capable hand can handle your procurement need than PointOne International; we utilize the industry best practices to deliver efficient procurement solutions that will make your business stand-out.

Using the right procurement providers will help you to avoid the trouble of procurement infrastructure, negotiate effectively with suppliers, rapid analysis of a company's spend, use proven industry practices and implement necessary changes.
PointOne International are always ready to meet with you and discuss the right solutions to your procurement problems.

Our strategies will offer you a system that limits risk, ensure accountability, transparency, and value for your money. We will assist in developing a specification and pre-qualifying suppliers.

Our team of expert procurement providers will help you to manage tenders and perform active negotiations.

Our services are cost effective and can be afforded by both startup and big companies. We have a successful track record and years of experience in procurement solutions.

For a business that wants to stand out and offer the best services to their customers, the use of Pointone International is crucial. You can reach out to us today, and you will be glad you do. Get to know more about Procurement and supply chain management choosing us. 

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