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Global Sourcing

End to End procurement

  • Locating qualified suppliers services
  • Quality assurance
  • End to End procurement

If a company can handle all processes from end-to-end, profits should expand and the scale of operations with it. End-to-end procurement solutions are what Pointone can offer to you.

We operate in a global market, unrestricted by land borders or linguistic barriers. Our company has gathered a lot of experience in this field by procuring end-to-end processes and cycles for numerous clients scattered all over the world. Managing a vast array of services and actions can be very time consuming and bothersome, so you can lean on a responsible and experienced expert like Pointone to find the best end-to-end procurement solutions systems and implement them in your business.

The global market has an ever-growing demand for high-quality goods and services. As a responsible and profit-oriented company, you should look at this as an opportunity to expand and grow. Do not overlook small or far-away markets because they can help you establish a foothold in the global market. In business, the most important thing is to keep moving no matter the surrounding circumstances. That should translate to your good or service delivery processes, from one end to the other – it should run non-stop to satisfy all clients all the time.

Some companies fall flat when they expand to overseas or foreign markets. That can happen either because they ran into some trouble executing the plan (linguistic barriers, legal trouble etc.) or that they lacked connections to expose the market subjects with their goods. We must eliminate any obstacles between you and higher profits. By implementing our knowledge in end to end procurement solutions, we will create added value to your existing brand and help you rise in the business world.

End to end supply chain

Pointone is a team of experts dedicated to helping you and your business improve in every field. End-to-end procurement, supply chain monitoring, market entry, market research, business process monitoring or sales outsourcing are just a few of the services we provide for our clients worldwide. After all, End to End supply chain management appeal to the whole supply chain operation. 

Let’s get in touch and discuss a possibility to work together. Let’s achieve common goals and grow together to create a sustainable and working business relationship which lasts and builds value.

Challenges we help to overcome:
  • Mitigating overall importing risks
  • Understanding cost structure
  • Product certifications
  • Production capacity

Our Process

We all need quality goods delivered on time and on good terms at the end of the day. However, finding these qualities in overseas markets is a challenge for many, as vast resources, understanding and networks are usually required, let alone trust and physical presence.


Leave it to POI! With our deep experience in trade and procurement, we are one step ahead of the unexpected such as:

  • Certification concerns
  • Market and supplier risks
  • Legal and IP affairs
  • Receiving what’s promised

Trading across borders can be simple

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