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Global Sourcing

Locating qualified suppliers services

  • Locating qualified suppliers services
  • Quality assurance services
  • End to End procurement

No matter what line of business you are in – locating suppliers not only domestically but also globally is a must. More so at that – those services should come at affordable rates to facilitate business growth. However, it is hard to locate and connect qualified suppliers after entering a new market or trying to expand, rebrand, restructure.

If we step in – expect great things to happen. Why? Firstly, because we are a dedicated team and highly motivated to achieve high goals. Secondly, we have already offered and implemented our services and solutions respectively to our clients ventures, businesses and enterprises in all five continents.

If you choose to do it on your own, not only linguistic and trust barriers might come in the way, but you might also get drawn into a legal fender-bender because every country has different laws and regulations. With a trustworthy and reliable partner like Pointone, locating qualified suppliers will be as easy as 2+2.

Locating qualified suppliers

Our track record and reputation speaks for itself. Our goal is to work with you and for you. Your goals are our number one priority, so locating the ins and outs of every market will be a must-do before we can move on to locating qualified suppliers. Choosing us to procure qualified suppliers will allow further expansion of your business in every possible direction. We do not just talk big, we act big.

Choose a company you can trust for localization process. In business, profitability, sustainability and improvement are the three most important traits you should go after. We will help you do that. By implementing our connection network, experience and knowledge of numerous markets, Pointone will locate the best suppliers in a respective market. From China to Poland, we operate globally. No challenge is too big; no detail is too small for us to ignore. Pointone loves challenges and taking on new tasks, so every client who reaches out to us, we do everything possible to satisfy their needs and do our best at locating qualified suppliers.

Since you want to expand your business and raise your profits – get in touch with us for best solutions! Let’s talk and discuss possibilities for working together. Our services and specialists could compliment yours and add sustainable, visible and actual value to your company.

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Countries: Locating Qualified Suppliers in TurkeyPoland, CanadaUkraine,  Malaysia,  Mexico, Lithuania, Belarus, RussiaChina, USATaiwan

Challenges we help to overcome:
  • Limited resources
  • Visiting suppliers
  • Cultural differences
  • Quality risks

Our process

Periodically, we review the performance of suppliers in order to determine if any necessary improvements can be made. These may vary by product or service type, but typical prerequisites are:

  • Financial stability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality standards
  • Meet delivery schedules

Trading across borders can be simple

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