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PointOne International is your gateway to enter new markets and trade internationally.
We represent SME interests worldwide and offer one-stop-shop services, providing simple solutions to complex cross-border trading challenges.

Managing the Challenges of International Trading

Lack of know-how
Lack of know-how Market and trade knowledge
Limited resources
Limited resources Global infrastructure
Financial risks
Financial risks Transactional Safeguards
No local presence
No local presence On-the-ground experts
Quality risks
Quality risks Certified Auditors
Fraud Due dillegence, onsite verification, qualification
Cultural differences
Cultural differences Cross-cultural experience
Unknown language
Unknown language Multilingual Staff
Trade barriers
Trade barriers Knowledge of foreign regulations
Understanding competition
Understanding competition Market research and analysis
Disputes Experienced Mediation
Finding the right partner
Finding the right partner Extended network of contacts

Your Access to Plug & Play

  • Global Presence
  • Worldwide Network
  • International Expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Multilingual Team

People on the Ground in Locations You Need

we have team members in the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, China and more than 10 countries across Europe. Furthermore, we have representatives around the world and satellite offices surrounding our primary areas.

Access to a network of contacts that you need

we have built a wide network base and solid relationships with carefully selected and well-established supply partners in key geographic areas.

International Expertise

we keep up with global trends and market conditions; we are well versed in a variety of industries and cultural differences; and we have over two decades of experience in internationalization.


Quality Assurance

we apply the disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma to improve our global supply chain and reduce costs, achieve just-in-time delivery and shorten lead times.

Multilingual Team

with offices and representatives around the globe we speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Lithuanian, English and can work with most other languages.

Our Clients’ Case Studies

Read stories of how we helped our clients discover advantages of trading across borders and made it simple for them.


Optimizing the supply chain

Helped to find the right suppliers in Asia for Snaige, a major Lithuanian manufacturer of household refrigerators, freezers and vertical coolers.

Melin Tool Company

Entered 20+ markets

Helped Melin Tool Company, a family owned US manufacturer of premium HSS end mills, drills and cutting tools to expand internationally.

Branam Fastening Systems

Direct sources instead of importers

Branam Fastening Systems, a US based industrial hardware distributor, had relied on domestic importers since 1986. We provided a direct connection to overseas sources for the company.

International Market Trade Management


Point One is a globally operating company focused on international market trade management, market entry assistance, procurement, seeking out suppliers and helping all of your business related needs.

Our services are worldwide, meaning that we are not restricted by land borders, linguistic or cultural barriers and other obstacles. Offering international market trade services we take you from point A to point B quickly, efficiently and fluently.

Looking for a company to show you the ropes in overseas trade operations? Great, contact Point One.

Need suppliers or specialist for a large-scale expansion? Point One has you covered every step of the way.

Over the years we have worked and continue working with a very diverse group of clients all over the globe. They help us improve, and every case is a new challenge where we seek to co-join our past experiences with an innovative and progressive mindset to create strategies or find solutions which are the best of both worlds. With many multi-lingual experts on board, your account will be handled by the top experts in their respective areas. We locate the resources you need, bring them to you and create valuable relationships that could serve you later on down the road.

Trading across borders can be simple

Services for international sales
Let us know you are interested
Services for global sourcing
Browse contacts at our offices

Furthermore, since every international trade market is different with its own legal, traditional or economic nuances and restrictions, you need someone with the know-how and experience to guide you through the difficult parts of any particular process. Our skills are gained by specializing in various field of business with numerous unique and special clients in Europe, South America, Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

No challenge is too big, no detail too small for us to ignore. If you want your business to grow worldwide – there is no time to waste. Point One can become your trade manager and increase your chances of success significantly. Market entry for business, international market trade management and domestic market operations / services are all fields of our expertise.

Let’s get in touch. We will get in-depth analysis and find the best solutions for your case. We can build something sustainable, long-lasting and very successful together. Locating qualified suppliers, localization, market research, sales outsourcing and many more services we offer are worth considering before entering new markets. Contact us!