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International imports

Import in Malaysia

China, and Asia in general is one of the biggest markets out there. If you can find your place here, then your business should take things for the better. However, as this is one of the most difficult regions to start, you will need help. Importers in Malaysia know that you have to establish connections before you can expect to make a profit. Point One International is one of the best companies for this sort of thing. They will help you through the entire ordeal, which will not be a walk in the park. Here is what the process should look like:

  • Analyzing the market. You will start with regulations. Your product might be restricted, or banned. It might also be against religious beliefs. There will definitely be licensing and permit issues. We will sort this out for you.
  • It‘s crucial to know how marketing works if you have high hopes for import Malaysia or another Asia region. Getting linguistic experts and producing high quality advertisements is what the market will accept and Point One help create.
  • Partnering with local sellers can improve your chances of really getting your feet into the market. It will be a joint venture, and it‘s one of the best ways to solidify yourself as a businessman in China.
  • Finding the right people to work for you. A new country means that you will need to find some new employees. Acquiring talent with management skills also requires connections, since the best local universities won‘t send their students to anybody.

These and other challenges should give you enough reasons to hire Point One International. Their reliability and circle of connections will help you break through and start to import to Malaysia or from it.

Industry list

  • Baby food
  • Safety food
  • Agriculture
  • Organic food

Industry list

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