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Food health and safety

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If you are new or just looking for the opportunities to start in the restaurant or food supply/transport business, let us give you a free tip. Food health and safety standards are something not to ignore and joke around with. Point One knows very well how important food safety is and that global success in this field demands tremendous dedication and investment of finances and resources.

Why is it a must? Because legal representatives in the field of food quality are one of the strictest in the entire sector and you will rapidly lose customers or quite possibly even cease to exist if the standards are not met. Our company has multilingual experts, and legal contacts spread globally, so Point One knows the checklist you have to clear before food health and products you are trying to sell are of satisfactory conditions.

If you decide to work with us, we will find out the requirements for the food hygiene check, comprise an audit checklist and make your job a whole lot easier and more successful in the process. This department of business allows no room for error, so whether you are based in China, Canada, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland or the USA, food health and safety regulations/standards cannot be compromised and must be matched with quality. Bad publicity for lack of hygiene or health is critical and could mean irreparable consequences for companies looking to increase healthy food sales or satisfy a food safety and health inspector during food safety and health check.

Our clients that just got their foot in the food business door review our services in this field as very professional and successful, so they see an immediate impact to their results which means their profits get bigger because the products they sell now match the industry standards for food safety and food health. While veterans and expanding businesses working in transporting, supplying or looking to distribute goods in China or anywhere else in the world, get up-to-date industry news and regulations with the best measurements to meet them in the shortest amount of time.

Let’s get in touch and Point One will provide a checklist for your future inspections. By following this audit checklist, our clients can expect a significant increase in transporting volumes or sales in any food department because hygiene and health evaluations are highly regarded and welcomed in this area.

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