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Market Entry

Market Entry in Lithuania

On your own, it is near impossible to come up with the right strategy for starting a business in Lithuania. There are so many variables that predicting the outcome without the know-how is too difficult. Nevertheless, the practice of others would suggest that certain things can improve your chances to succeed. Whether your goal is to develop global company by starting in this market or participation in the local market, some steps are unavoidable.

Before you work with us to draw up with a business plan, let us familiarize you with how we work.  Researching the market comes first. Committing financial resources and time without any knowledge could end in a disaster. Point One International asks and answers the following questions:

  • Do you have realistic chances to find a place on the market?
  • Are there enough customers who would be interested in your product or services?
  • What will be the competition you are going to face?
  • Who or what should be your targeted audience?


Once all of these points are settled, we move on to planning. If you are looking to get support from banks or private investors, you will need to persuade them. Starting a business in Lithuania like everywhere else, requires resources.

Don't expect profit from day 1. Consider costs for permits, legal fees, insurance, salaries, etc. Hire an accountant no matter how big or small your market entry will be. Those who neglect their finances will pay a hefty price for their ignorance. We will help you avoid that with strong connections and resource procurement.

A structure for business matters as well. It determines your name, taxes, and liability. A consultation with a professional is a good way to make a choice if you are not sure what structure would suit your operation best. Finally, you can make changes if the size and needs of your business start to change.

All in all, doing business in Lithuania can take a toll on even the biggest and most daring. We will help you conquer new markets and make entering a new region as smooth as possible. Let’s get in touch!

Industry list

  • Cutting Tools
  • Metalworking Technologies
  • Glass products
  • Industrial Fasteners
  • Industrial Fittings
  • Engineered Components
  • Steel products
  • Plastic products
  • Rubber products

Industry list

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