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Glass suppliers

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Glass manufacturing companies, also known as glass suppliers are spread throughout the world in vast markets of China and Taiwan, even growing in emerging ones like Poland, Lithuania or Turkey. If you are looking for manufacturing companies or distributors of glass products – you have come to the right place. Point One specializes in seeking out companies which ensure the existence of one of the essential products for your success – supplies, thus making it our top priority to find and locate wholesale glass distributors in the market of your interest.

Let’s get in touch and decide some details. The market for glass is immense. To say that you just need glass suppliers would be unprofessional and lacklustre since the field is vast and technologically advanced. You have insulating glass production lines manufacturing top-quality windows and glass, production lines meant exclusively for colored glass and other particular accents, details which need further clarification. Once we have the needs sorted out, Point One will get to work, seeking out the best distributors for glass supplies.

Some companies only work with imports, while others could offer locally made goods for a much better price. Flat, curved, tempered, leaded, toughened or stained windows are probably the most sought-after product in this market. With the housing boom back on, windows have become a fundamental good in housing projects, construction and repairs, so glass suppliers are as ever interested in doing more and more business. Point One has an established and well-maintained circle of connections which includes suppliers for powder and companies that can ensure a smooth product supply of patterned, greenhouse, laminated and previously mentioned glass.

We always keep in touch with both sides of the supply chain, so we know the feedback from our clients and their partners to ensure smooth communication and shorter amounts of transit/negotiation times altogether. Let’s say you have just expanded your operation to a different market, but you lack enough stock to fill the shelves. No worries, trust Point One to make the necessary arrangements, and every corner can be filled with: stained, toughened, led, tempered, curved, mirror, patterned or any other type of glass products that you can name.

Glazing is a feature many companies overlook as a possibility, but Point One – does not. A desirable product has its fans and benefits, so the market for it is always there, you just have to find the right partner to help you out entering it.

Let’s talk about glass suppliers who can work through imports or supply you domestically to ensure good quality, loaded stock 24/7.

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