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International exports

Export in Canada

People who have already established operations of export to Canada know how much of a difficulty it can become. For one thing, you can never be too sure that you end up coming out on top. And for companies that are just starting out, the entire business is even a tougher challenge. Outside help is necessary, no matter how much you might inspiring the title ‘from zero to hero’ sounds, let’s leave it to Hollywood and take matters into our own hands. Point One International is a great company that can help you get started.

Besides the obvious positive impacts due to our worldwide relationships and brand recognition, you can expect much more if you happen to be interested in working with the Canada market. Here are a couple of things that the company can help you figure out, or take care of until you are ready to take everything export related into your own hands.

  1. Efficient organization. Exports mean that you will be dealing with multiple partners. While the internet is key to sending and receiving invoices, organizing meetings, following the news, etc., you still need people and manpower. The technology industry hasn't reached a point where computers can do everything for us thus meaning PointOne’s human experience is irreplaceable.
  2. To be in contact with clients from across the world means to be ahead and in front. Different time zones make it uncomfortable to find a timeframe that works for both parties. Inability to adapt can lead to damaging your relationships. Since clients are the most important part of any business, you have to be flexible and find somebody who is willing to work according to the clients' needs.
  3. Finding the right channels to start exporting to Europe. You will have to expand sooner or later. However, having no connections in other continents is going to stop you. Europe is one of the most profitable partners you could ask for and will continue to be at the top of strongest markets. And while there are more than a few strategies to enter a foreign market, all of them require experience and the right people/connections which Point One can provide.
  4. Once you have dipped your feet outside the motherland, you will have to take care of foreign taxes. It varies depending on the countries. Some governments might be a lot more lenient, others strict. Also, we will find out whether there are international treaties which make the whole tax thing easier. Whichever the case may be, it is a crucial part of the global trade. And one slip could lead to a worst-case scenario.
  5. The internet is a great and modern tool to advertise even whilst being overseas. Social media, communities on forums that stretch from Europe to Canada, etc. However, internet marketing shouldn't be the only method. Television, billboards, posters, All three remain popular, but more challenging to get into without knowing where to start.

Point One International can be just the thing to help you lift off the ground. And while your primary goal might be exporting to Canada, you shouldn't limit yourself. Once you have a feeling that things are going well, look to expand. Point One will be more than happy to help you out as you continue your journey.

Industry list

  • Cutting Tools
  • Metalworking Technologies
  • Engineered Components
  • Industrial Fasteners
  • Industrial Fittings

Industry list

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